(ISSN: 1221-9118)


The transfer of copyright from author to publisher must be clearly stated in writing to enable the publisher to assure maximum dissemination of the author's work.

It has not been published before, and it is not under consideration for publication in any other journals. It contains no matter that is scandalous, obscene, or otherwise contrary to law. When the article is accepted for publication, I, as the author, hereby agree to transfer to the CHIRURGIA all rights, including those pertaining to electronic forms and transmissions, under existing copyright laws, except for the following, which the author(s) specifically retain(s):

1.The right to make further copies of all or part of the published article for my use in classroom teaching;
2.The right to reuse all or part of this material in a compilation of my own works or in a textbook of which I am the author;
3.The right to make copies of the published work for internal distribution within the institution that employs me.

I agree that copies made under these circumstances will continue to carry the copyright notice that appeared in the original published work. I agree to inform my co-authors, if any, of the above terms. I certify that I have obtained written permission for the use of text, tables, and/or illustrations from any copyrighted source(s), and I agree to supply such written permission(s) to the CHIRURGIA upon request.